Team Tarps

A teamwork/team building game that involves tarps and balls.  This activity can be easily layered to make it easier or harder.  In this example the teams have to work together without talking to get a ball in each of the 4 holes on the tarp.

Easily adaptable for all grade levels.


Drain the Pool


A simple throwing game that we’ve all played, maybe with a different name.  In pairs or groups one students runs out the middle and throws an object back, if their partner catches it they keep it, if not they run it back to the pool.

Make sure you use various objects to make it more challenging.

4 Corner Bowling

A great team bowling activity.  No need for me to describe with the great visuals above.

Pass & Jump

I am always on the lookout for fun, quick games that can be done with large groups of students or teachers  and even better be done in a classroom as a brain break.  This one is simple enough 30 passes while doing jumping jacks at your table.


  1. Change the activity-jumping jacks, squats, lunges etc
  2.  Change the counting to skip count by 2-4-5-8 to a certain total
  3. Create a passing pattern
  4. Create a challenge–drop it and start over
  5. Create a circuit challenge competition.

Mastermind Relay

The video speaks for its self on a fun cooperative team game that allows your to move but challenges your brain as well.  If you don’t have pylons or poly spots some piece of cardboard would work or even stacking cups would be useful for this game.  The blocks are made out of cut 2 x 4 but like any teacher we can adapt.

The object of the game is the match the pylons in front of the mat to the poly spots on the floor.  Once the pattern is correct in front and behind the student puts a block up to signify it is correct. The first team to get all their blocks standing wins!  Make sure you change the loco-motor pattern or use scooters or benches as different ways for the students to move.

Don’t touch my toys

Have one student count to 3 and the rest of the students run up to the tables/mats and hide by the time the counter gets to three.  When the counter gets to 3 they yell “Don’t Touch My Toys” if they see you and say your name then you join them at the wall.

After each count the students can either run back to the start of move to a new table to hide.

Gym Pong

A tossing game that involves accuracy.  The video shows it set up on a table but could easily be set up on the gym floor as well.  The object of the game is to land a ball in your partners rings by bouncing it in.  If the ball lands in your partners rings that ring in removed.  The first one to win the game has removed all three of their partners rings.

Move the Mat

Another fun throwing game that can be adapted in many different ways.  This one is a partner game and to move your mat you must throw from your mat into the hoop in front of you. If you get it in you move the mat and move the hoop.  The check points are usually pylons or cones on the sidelines of the gym.  This way students know they put their mat and cone one and hoop at cone two and move up until they reach the end.

To adapt it one partner could stand in the hoop and they have to make a successful catch to move the mat.  Each time the partners change roles of thrower or catcher.  Try using footballs or a Frisbee for more of a challenge.