Gym Pong

A tossing game that involves accuracy.  The video shows it set up on a table but could easily be set up on the gym floor as well.  The object of the game is to land a ball in your partners rings by bouncing it in.  If the ball lands in your partners rings that ring in removed.  The first one to win the game has removed all three of their partners rings.


Move the Mat

Another fun throwing game that can be adapted in many different ways.  This one is a partner game and to move your mat you must throw from your mat into the hoop in front of you. If you get it in you move the mat and move the hoop.  The check points are usually pylons or cones on the sidelines of the gym.  This way students know they put their mat and cone one and hoop at cone two and move up until they reach the end.

To adapt it one partner could stand in the hoop and they have to make a successful catch to move the mat.  Each time the partners change roles of thrower or catcher.  Try using footballs or a Frisbee for more of a challenge.


Decorate the Cookie

A fun elementary throwing game.  Each team starts out with a “blank cookie” and a basket of toppings.  On go the students try and decorate the cookie by throwing/tossing objects at the cookie. If it lands on the cookie it stays and the student will run out and around the cookie and tag their partner who does the same thing.  If the students topping doesn’t land on the cookie, they still run our around the cookie, pick up the toppings and come back to their line.

**If you don’t want to use cookies in PE, than a pizza might be a better choice**

Cup Stacking Madness

Looking for a fun way to use those stacking cups? This team cup stacking game is started on the teachers “go” command.  The first students will “up-stack” the cups one stack at a time.  The first one to ring the bell gets a point for their team.

Once the bell is rung the next person in line starts “down-stacking” the cups until once again the bell is rung.  The next person than starts “up-stacking” again. You can play for a certain amount of time or a certain amount of points.

Shooting Sum Hoops

Shhh.. a basketball game with a twist that works on math!!

Have your students shoot dice from poly spots set up around your gyms hoops.  If they get it in they let the dice land and that is how many points they get for their team.  They can keep track of their teams points on a white board or piece  of paper back at their teams home.

The older the students the different math strategies you could use!

Four Square Volleyball

Here is a fun way to work on volleyball skills.  Divide an area of your gym up into four square and have your students in teams of 4 or 5 trying to hit the ball to open space and move up in the Kingdom!

After the students get the hang of it you can add a pass or two within your team to advance the game a little further.