Cone Heads


Boom City

Air Hockey

An arcade classic makes its way to the gym.  A fun way to work on hand eye coordination, and something students could do in the hallways on those cold winter days!

Rolling for points

A great game for working with scoops but also can be done with many different pieces of equipment.  The game is pretty simple, zone off your gym and each line is worth a point.  When it’s the students turn they step up and roll, toss or throw the ball and wherever it stops is worth so many points.

Some variations could be:  You have to scoop it and make the pass to get the points.  If you don’t maybe you only get 1/2 the points.

You could use a dice and if you land in the 4 point zone then you roll the dice and multiply your points.

Floor Ball

A striking game that puts your paddles to great use and can be adapted in many ways.  The basics of the game are pretty simple students must hit the ball under the pylon net and if it goes past them or they don’t hit it cleanly the other team gets a point.

Could also play it like “circulation volleyball” or “gaga ball” in that if the ball hits you on the other side you could step out.