Air Hockey-NMES

Always love to share our own Districts schools playing a new game.  Air Hockey has been making it’s rounds on twitter. Here is New Maryland Elementary’s version using heavy pickle jar covers as the puck, it sounds like the real game!


Wall Sit Relay

Wall Sit Relay will have those students forgetting all about those burning legs as they race to be the first team finished.  A couple of different ways to play you can have everyone go one time or race to a certain point or race a whole length of your gym wall to see which team get their first.  Hiding exercise in a game is a PE teachers biggest trick!

Push-Up Hockey

The instructions are at the start of the video but a great instant activity or an activity in your gymnastics or fitness unit.


Jedi Training

Train your students to be Jedi’s.  This is a great level 1-2-3 game to see how students progress throughout the class.


RPS Warm Up

A great instant activity.  Body shapes students use are below.


Pick a Color-Reaction Game

Using scarves/ bean bags/ anything you might have with a lot of two-three colors this reaction time game looks like a blast.  In the video three colored scarves are tucked in a pylon when the teachers yells a color the students react and try  and grab the scarf first.

The champions stay on one side while the challenger on the other.  Or you could play best 2/3.  The possibilities are endless!


Pass & Jump

I am always on the lookout for fun, quick games that can be done with large groups of students or teachers  and even better be done in a classroom as a brain break.  This one is simple enough 30 passes while doing jumping jacks at your table.


  1. Change the activity-jumping jacks, squats, lunges etc
  2.  Change the counting to skip count by 2-4-5-8 to a certain total
  3. Create a passing pattern
  4. Create a challenge–drop it and start over
  5. Create a circuit challenge competition.