RPS Baseball

A great addition to any PE class is a Rock, Paper, Scissors game.  They can be used as a warm up or as the lesson.  RPS Baseball is great way to teach students how to run the bases and have some fun doing it.


Laundry Basket Challenge

We always seem to be looking for scoop games but it could be used as a throwing game as well.  In groups of 3 one student has the scoop and balls while the other 2 partners each hold onto the laundry basket.

Set your gym up in pylon intervals like in the video.  The laundry basket pair run to the first pylon while the scoop holder tosses the ball towards the basket, if they make the catch they move to the next pylon.  Once they have accomplished all levels, you change the thrower and start again.

This can be done with any throwing game using many different pieces of equipment.


Race To The Base


Batting Cages

We are always looking for safe ways for students to work on striking or hitting a ball off a tee.  Just like the MLB players set them up in their own batting cage.


Striking Games