Air Hockey-NMES

Always love to share our own Districts schools playing a new game.  Air Hockey has been making it’s rounds on twitter. Here is New Maryland Elementary’s version using heavy pickle jar covers as the puck, it sounds like the real game!


Kan Jam-Laundry Basket

We don’t all have the Kan Jam set but there is a good chance we have Frisbee’s and a laundry basket or bucket that can be used as the target for this fun game.  It takes teamwork and accuracy plus it is a game that students can take to the back yard, the field or the beach to play.

In pairs with one partner on either side (thrower and deflector) you toss the Frisbee towards your partner.  In the real game you score points by a direct hit or by the partner deflecting the Frisbee into the can.  Here is a link to the official Kan-Jam rules but as any PE teacher is a superstar it you can modify to make it your own.

Toss 12

Toss 12 is another great rolling/throwing game that allows you to score points in different ways and is easy to teach your students, easy to rotate to find a new team to play and involves strategy to get exactly to 12 points!


Head, Shoulders, Knee, Toes with a race

I posted this game earlier where you just play Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes and grab the pylon but this one has a twist in that if you grab the cone first you run to the line behind you without getting tagged by your partner.  I’ve done the level 1 game with teachers and students and this addition will make the game a little more competitive. If it is a tie you could play RPS for a point or not award a point.


Air Hockey

An arcade classic makes its way to the gym.  A fun way to work on hand eye coordination, and something students could do in the hallways on those cold winter days!