Floor Ball

A striking game that puts your paddles to great use and can be adapted in many ways.  The basics of the game are pretty simple students must hit the ball under the pylon net and if it goes past them or they don’t hit it cleanly the other team gets a point.

Could also play it like “circulation volleyball” or “gaga ball” in that if the ball hits you on the other side you could step out.


Paddle Slam

Paddle slam modified with a bowling pin inside a hula hoop.  Make your own modifications one bounce or no bounce.

Paddle Work

A fun partner game that can be done in lead up to paddle games.


Tower Build Challenge

I’ve been on the road doing some PD sessions with small groups of PE teachers and I have used this game or a modified version of this game to work on underhand or overhand throwing.

You can make your own rules and I use small cups but this gives you a snapshot of how the game works.

If you want to layer it start like this

Round 1: Underhand throw to partner

Round 2 : Add the net

Round 3: Add the paddle

Round 4: Add a bowling pin and one partner serves it over the net and the other tries to knock the ball towards their pin to knock it over.