Lava Tag

A gymnastics themed tag game from one of ASD-W own.  If you get tagged you have to do a forward roll on one of the mats to get back in the game. Pick a roll or allow the students to use a series of rolls to set themselves free.


Banana Tag

A tag game that works on front supports.  Pick 2-4 taggers based on the size of your class,  as well as 2-4 monkeys with hula hoops.  The rest of the students are running free.  If a student gets tagged they go down into a front support or plank until a classmate comes by with the hoop.  Once the classmate comes by the students must walk in their front support/plank through the hoop which peels the banana and they are free to join back in the game.



Pizza Delivery Tag

Give each student a poly spot or Frisbee and the object of the game is to try and protect your pizza while knocking the other students pizza to the ground.  This is a fun tag game on its own or you can add it into your basketball unit and get them to protect the pizza while dribbling a ball.


Frogs & Fish

Joey Feith and the Physical Educator Website should be a go to site for anything PE.  This site the has loads of game ideas, assessment ideas and is just a great resource for improving your PE teaching.

Frogs & Fish is a great build game that starts off very simple with fundamental movement skills and then develops into strategies and game concepts.  It allows you to assess skills and concepts all in the same game.  Check out the video for the builds.


Don’t touch my toys

Have one student count to 3 and the rest of the students run up to the tables/mats and hide by the time the counter gets to three.  When the counter gets to 3 they yell “Don’t Touch My Toys” if they see you and say your name then you join them at the wall.

After each count the students can either run back to the start of move to a new table to hide.


Color Tag

A fun team tag game that can be played using the projector or by the teacher calling out the colors.  When you color is called or on the screen your team is it!