Ice Cream Parlor

Scoop the ice cream and throw to your partners cone.


Protect the Pylon

A game to work on offence and defensive tactics in a simple game to set up.  It can be played with various numbers of attackers and defenders.  This game is a great starting spot for elementary students who need work on passing/moving/ball movement.   It would be a great basketball lead up game or a fun activity on it’s own.

Tower Build Challenge

I’ve been on the road doing some PD sessions with small groups of PE teachers and I have used this game or a modified version of this game to work on underhand or overhand throwing.

You can make your own rules and I use small cups but this gives you a snapshot of how the game works.

If you want to layer it start like this

Round 1: Underhand throw to partner

Round 2 : Add the net

Round 3: Add the paddle

Round 4: Add a bowling pin and one partner serves it over the net and the other tries to knock the ball towards their pin to knock it over.



Flip the Hoop

I’ve posted other hoop moving games but just because they are easy to set up and allows the students to have lots of repetitions of throwing using various technique here is one more.

Don’t forget to challenge your students in which throwing technique they should use for close/far distances.




Another Physical Educator Game, this is a game that many of us have played numerous times in our PE Classes over the year.  What is great about the Physical Educator is the “builds” or “progressions”.  Builds seem much easier to explain to the students then progressions because like a house we start with the foundation….for this game it is throwing and catching.  Then we build the house until we get the to final game which only comes together once we’ve built everything else up to it.

Again another great and easy game to assess students in.



A great throwing game that can be done in pairs or a group. They make the catch they keep it in their hoop. Use different objects and add different point totals each time to keep your students on their toes.


Move the Mat

Another fun throwing game that can be adapted in many different ways.  This one is a partner game and to move your mat you must throw from your mat into the hoop in front of you. If you get it in you move the mat and move the hoop.  The check points are usually pylons or cones on the sidelines of the gym.  This way students know they put their mat and cone one and hoop at cone two and move up until they reach the end.

To adapt it one partner could stand in the hoop and they have to make a successful catch to move the mat.  Each time the partners change roles of thrower or catcher.  Try using footballs or a Frisbee for more of a challenge.



Four Square Volleyball

Here is a fun way to work on volleyball skills.  Divide an area of your gym up into four square and have your students in teams of 4 or 5 trying to hit the ball to open space and move up in the Kingdom!

After the students get the hang of it you can add a pass or two within your team to advance the game a little further.


Launch It

A fun catching game that can be done with or without a partner. The students get to launch the ball off the board and into the air and try and catch it.  Be a great way to teach students about force in moving an object.