Crate Ball

A way to incorporate dribbling and shooting into a simple and fun game that could be used at any age level.  If your team bounces the ball into a crate they get a bean bag from a basket and take it back to their team.

It would be a great game to level.

Level 1: Bounce from the hoop

Level 2: Dribble to hoop and bounce

Level 3: Dribble to Hoop A-Pass to partner in Hoop B who bounces and everyone moves up one hoop.


Laundry Basket Challenge

We always seem to be looking for scoop games but it could be used as a throwing game as well.  In groups of 3 one student has the scoop and balls while the other 2 partners each hold onto the laundry basket.

Set your gym up in pylon intervals like in the video.  The laundry basket pair run to the first pylon while the scoop holder tosses the ball towards the basket, if they make the catch they move to the next pylon.  Once they have accomplished all levels, you change the thrower and start again.

This can be done with any throwing game using many different pieces of equipment.



Gym Pong

A tossing game that involves accuracy.  The video shows it set up on a table but could easily be set up on the gym floor as well.  The object of the game is to land a ball in your partners rings by bouncing it in.  If the ball lands in your partners rings that ring in removed.  The first one to win the game has removed all three of their partners rings.


Move the Mat

Another fun throwing game that can be adapted in many different ways.  This one is a partner game and to move your mat you must throw from your mat into the hoop in front of you. If you get it in you move the mat and move the hoop.  The check points are usually pylons or cones on the sidelines of the gym.  This way students know they put their mat and cone one and hoop at cone two and move up until they reach the end.

To adapt it one partner could stand in the hoop and they have to make a successful catch to move the mat.  Each time the partners change roles of thrower or catcher.  Try using footballs or a Frisbee for more of a challenge.



Bounce It

If you have access to some Spikeball nets (ASD-W does have some) than give this fun tossing/throwing game a try.  If you don’t have Spikeball nets than no problem you can play the same game using a tennis racket on the floor or even a poly spot as a target.


Tossing/Throwing Scrabble

Phys Ed Teachers are some of the best at integrating cross curricular activities into their classes.  Check out this fun throwing scrabble game.  Pick a letter, throw the ball in the basket.  If you get it in you pick it up or not you run back and the next person goes.

Play for a time limit or until all the letters are gone than make as many words as you can.

A great and easy game to assess students understanding of strategy!