Cone Heads


Boom City

Drain the Pool


A simple throwing game that we’ve all played, maybe with a different name.  In pairs or groups one students runs out the middle and throws an object back, if their partner catches it they keep it, if not they run it back to the pool.

Make sure you use various objects to make it more challenging.

Gym Pong

A tossing game that involves accuracy.  The video shows it set up on a table but could easily be set up on the gym floor as well.  The object of the game is to land a ball in your partners rings by bouncing it in.  If the ball lands in your partners rings that ring in removed.  The first one to win the game has removed all three of their partners rings.

Decorate the Cookie

A fun elementary throwing game.  Each team starts out with a “blank cookie” and a basket of toppings.  On go the students try and decorate the cookie by throwing/tossing objects at the cookie. If it lands on the cookie it stays and the student will run out and around the cookie and tag their partner who does the same thing.  If the students topping doesn’t land on the cookie, they still run our around the cookie, pick up the toppings and come back to their line.

**If you don’t want to use cookies in PE, than a pizza might be a better choice**

Shooting Sum Hoops

Shhh.. a basketball game with a twist that works on math!!

Have your students shoot dice from poly spots set up around your gyms hoops.  If they get it in they let the dice land and that is how many points they get for their team.  They can keep track of their teams points on a white board or piece  of paper back at their teams home.

The older the students the different math strategies you could use!

Giving it a try!

Well here we go! I have been looking for a place to share info with my fellow ASD-W PE teachers and bombarding them with emails isn’t always so popular and newsletters seem a little out date so I’m going to give blogging the ol’college try!  My goal is to update this weekly with a few ideas that maybe you’d like to try in your class or add to your games list for another time. I’ll post a mixture of resources that I’ve come across and hopefully you find something here that you can use in your class!

Please feel free to share any ideas with me that you think would be worth sharing!

***WARNING*** Most ideas here are stolen! Please don’t think I’m that creative because we all know teachers are the best thieves!