RPS Baseball

A great addition to any PE class is a Rock, Paper, Scissors game.  They can be used as a warm up or as the lesson.  RPS Baseball is great way to teach students how to run the bases and have some fun doing it.


Head, Shoulders, Knee, Toes with a race

I posted this game earlier where you just play Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes and grab the pylon but this one has a twist in that if you grab the cone first you run to the line behind you without getting tagged by your partner.  I’ve done the level 1 game with teachers and students and this addition will make the game a little more competitive. If it is a tie you could play RPS for a point or not award a point.

Lava Tag

A gymnastics themed tag game from one of ASD-W own.  If you get tagged you have to do a forward roll on one of the mats to get back in the game. Pick a roll or allow the students to use a series of rolls to set themselves free.


Push-Up Hockey

The instructions are at the start of the video but a great instant activity or an activity in your gymnastics or fitness unit.


Roll Ball

A neat twist on beat the ball but now the students have to work on the speed of the roll and their own speed to accomplish the task.  Again a great game to show how success can be built through the class.


Pop Top Relay

A fun game working on upper body strength, balance and hand eye coordination.   6 hoop, 6 bean bags at each station.



Color Tag

A fun team tag game that can be played using the projector or by the teacher calling out the colors.  When you color is called or on the screen your team is it!