Batting Cages

We are always looking for safe ways for students to work on striking or hitting a ball off a tee.  Just like the MLB players set them up in their own batting cage.


Tossing/Throwing Scrabble

Phys Ed Teachers are some of the best at integrating cross curricular activities into their classes.  Check out this fun throwing scrabble game.  Pick a letter, throw the ball in the basket.  If you get it in you pick it up or not you run back and the next person goes.

Play for a time limit or until all the letters are gone than make as many words as you can.

A great and easy game to assess students understanding of strategy!

Plank Hold-Rolling/Bowling

Plank Hold is another rolling game that starts out with one student being the roller and the rest holding a plank on the other side of the playing area.  Once a ball is rolled under your plank you jump up and become a roller.

Play for time and see how long it takes to get all your students free!

Giving it a try!

Well here we go! I have been looking for a place to share info with my fellow ASD-W PE teachers and bombarding them with emails isn’t always so popular and newsletters seem a little out date so I’m going to give blogging the ol’college try!  My goal is to update this weekly with a few ideas that maybe you’d like to try in your class or add to your games list for another time. I’ll post a mixture of resources that I’ve come across and hopefully you find something here that you can use in your class!

Please feel free to share any ideas with me that you think would be worth sharing!

***WARNING*** Most ideas here are stolen! Please don’t think I’m that creative because we all know teachers are the best thieves!