Push-Up Hockey

The instructions are at the start of the video but a great instant activity or an activity in your gymnastics or fitness unit.


Laundry Basket Challenge

We always seem to be looking for scoop games but it could be used as a throwing game as well.  In groups of 3 one student has the scoop and balls while the other 2 partners each hold onto the laundry basket.

Set your gym up in pylon intervals like in the video.  The laundry basket pair run to the first pylon while the scoop holder tosses the ball towards the basket, if they make the catch they move to the next pylon.  Once they have accomplished all levels, you change the thrower and start again.

This can be done with any throwing game using many different pieces of equipment.


Banana Tag

A tag game that works on front supports.  Pick 2-4 taggers based on the size of your class,  as well as 2-4 monkeys with hula hoops.  The rest of the students are running free.  If a student gets tagged they go down into a front support or plank until a classmate comes by with the hoop.  Once the classmate comes by the students must walk in their front support/plank through the hoop which peels the banana and they are free to join back in the game.



Protect the Pylon

A game to work on offence and defensive tactics in a simple game to set up.  It can be played with various numbers of attackers and defenders.  This game is a great starting spot for elementary students who need work on passing/moving/ball movement.   It would be a great basketball lead up game or a fun activity on it’s own.

Roll Ball

A neat twist on beat the ball but now the students have to work on the speed of the roll and their own speed to accomplish the task.  Again a great game to show how success can be built through the class.

Pizza Delivery Tag

Give each student a poly spot or Frisbee and the object of the game is to try and protect your pizza while knocking the other students pizza to the ground.  This is a fun tag game on its own or you can add it into your basketball unit and get them to protect the pizza while dribbling a ball.